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THE PARADIGM DIET is a short, simple to read manual of applied nutrition for everyone - young, old, parents, and teens. With candor and humor, author Adam Dave, M.D., dispels dietary myths while providing the reader with the principles of proper nutrition. Next, from the premise that the ideal (Paradigm) diet, should have six characteristics - maximally nutritious; innately delicious; available and affordable; properly prepared; environmentally friendly; unrefined, unprocessed, and whole - Dr. Dave proves beyond any doubt the healthiest diet on the planet, which is at once time-honored, newly rediscovered, and backed by scientific research. Finally, THE PARADIGM DIET proposes a practical means of implementing the perfect diet that is easy, efficient, affordable, and fun for one and all.If your wish is to lose weight, reduce cravings, increase fitness and muscle tone, make better food choices, eliminate allergies, decrease medication requirements, overcome addiction, or raise healthier kids, THE PARADIGM DIET is for you.THE PARADIGM DIET is an easy and enjoyable read, so that you may incorporate its principles at once - at the market, in the kitchen, and at your next meal – to nourish yourself and those you love, with results that are both rapid and permanent. Once you have perused its pages, you will know more about nutrition than many medical doctors, and be able to cook healthier meals than most 5-star chefs."Health is more than merely the absence of disease. It is vitality, wholeness and harmony of the body, mind, and soul. The food you eat transforms itself into the cells that shape your body, power your heart, transmit brain waves, and modulate your mood. As diet influences how we look, think, and feel - in short, who we are - it is truly the doorway to health. From wise culinary choices flows improved energy leading to increased physical activity, which sharpens mental clarity, elevates consciousness, even enhances your capacity to feel. Harmony of body, mind, and soul, starting with good food. Diet is the doorway to this harmony, and you hold the key."par-a-digm [par-uh-daym]: an outstandingly clear model synonyms: standard, ideal, paragon, archetype, touchstone broadly: a philosophical or theoretical framework example: a paradigm shift refers to a change in the way that reality is perceived.Some of the topics presented here will challenge what you hold as sacred and true.To wit: It's bad to eat late at night. (False!)Eat several small meals throughout the day. (False!)Drink lots of water. (False!)Milk gives you strong bones. (False!)Animal foods (meat, eggs, dairy) are highest in protein. (False!)Olive oil is good for you. (False!)Nuts are healthy fats. (False!)Fruit is high in sugar. (False!)A healthy diet should include several servings per day of whole grains. (You guessed it: False!)As these and other popular myths come crumbling before your eyes, you may feel shocked and shaken to the core. Then, as you eat larger quantities of food than you ever imagined, you'll feel satisfied, and relieved. Finally, as you experience more energy and weigh less than ever before in your adult life, you'll never be the same. And you'll find that you quite like the change. So, join us on the journey. Kiss the past goodbye, and welcome the New You!