Author: S.K. Valenzuela

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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She couldn’t save her own people. Will an enslaved city offer a chance for redemption?
Sahara Acwellan has nothing left. Reeling from the failed mission that allowed her home to be destroyed by her bitter enemy, the devastated assassin faces a new life of hard labor on a desert planet. But when her prison transport crashes in the sands, she seizes the opportunity to take revenge.

Teaming up with a man yearning to rid his world of the same ruthless oppressors, Sahara organizes a resistance to overthrow the galactic collective. But with treachery and betrayal around every corner and the occupier’s army unstoppable, the determined vigilante may find herself on the wrong end of a razor-sharp blade…

Can Sahara avenge her homeworld and liberate another system?

The Outworlder is the gripping first book in the Silesia science fiction action-adventure trilogy. If you like strong heroines, ruthless intergalactic foes, and epic battles, then you’ll love S.K. Valenzuela’s page-turning quest.