Author: David Kalish

Category: Popular Fiction

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First place winner in Literary Fiction of the 2013 Somerset Awards for Literary & Mainstream FictionFinalist in the Humor/Comedy category of the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book AwardsWhen Brooklyn journalist Daniel Plotnick learns he has cancer, his fortunes fall faster than you can say Ten Plagues of Egypt. His wife can’t cope, his marriage ends in a showdown with police, and his father accidentally pushes him off the George Washington Bridge.Plotnick miraculously survives his terrifying plunge, and comes up with a zany plan to turn his life around: by doing the opposite of everything he did before.In the darkly comedic tradition of Philip Roth and Lorrie Moore comes a new novel from author David Kalish, who draws us into a hilarious, off-kilter world where cancer tears apart relationships…and builds new ones.“A zany, romantic novel about the things that break our hearts – cancer, crazy families, and busted dreams – and the things that sustain us: love and second chances.”-- Seth Kaufman, author, The King of Pain"David Kalish’s first novel is rich with hilarious cultural clashes. He’s taken meaty chunks of his life, thrown them into a stockpot with a Colombian blend of spice, and added a dash of kosher humor. All in all, an intimate and joyful delight.” --Becky Lyn Rickman, author, The Convict, the Rookie Card and the Redemption of Gertie Thump "A comedy about cancer? A love story about divorce? David Kalish’s debut novel The Opposite of Everything, is the opposite of everything you’d expect in a book with these downbeat themes. It’s a grand toast to contrarian optimism and a grand cheer to Life!”-- Aimee Liu, author, Cloud Mountain and Flash House "If you enjoy dark comedy and humor about everyday life, as well as witty banter and offbeat characters, then you will love Kalish's debut novel."--Margo L. Dill, The News-Gazette