Author: Bjørn Johnson

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? The Paperback edition includes many illustrations and a special BONUS included. Discover how to download it inside the book ?Explore the fascinating Norse Mythology stories. This book will take you into the tumultuous realm of Viking culture and history because it is rife with ancient tales of conflict, love, and conquest.

Are You Looking for a Comprehensible and Complete Guide, That is Not Overly Technical or Philosophical?

Well, you are in the right place...

Thanks to all the shows, series, and movies about Norse myths, people are getting more and more interested.Unfortunately, after years and years of research, there is always something left to be understood about Norse culture.In truth, many of the books out there have an approach and writing style that is difficult to understand for those who are just curious and want to expand their knowledge.On the other side, many novels sell the same stories but they exclude over 80% of the facts.With this book, we wanted to provide readers with the most comprehensive overview of Norse Mythology, presenting it all in an approachable manner with clear explanations.Not only that but the entire collection:?BOOK 1: NORSE MYTHOLOGY VOLUME 1Discover the Norse cosmogony chapter, which covers everything from the creation of the first Titans and the appearance of ancestor gods to the creation of the whole world? BOOK 2: NORSE MYTHOLOGY VOLUME 2Beyond what is depicted in the media, learn the full tales and nuanced intricacies of Norse and Vikings culture and history. This book has all the information you need to delve deeply into Norse mythology, covering everything from belief to battle and love.This book reveals all the traits, personalities, and functions of every Norse mythological figure, from Odin to Freya. The stories, abilities, and connections of the main Norse gods and goddesses are revealed in this book through a narrative in the form of a story.? BOOK 3: STORIES, MYTHS, AND LEGENDSThis book, which is much more than just a compilation of tales, will introduce you to the knowledge and inspiration found in Viking history. Recognize the relevance of these legends in the present day, despite their age!? BOOK 4: NORSE PHILOSOPHYTake on the persona of an old Viking and discover for yourself what a regular day was like in pre-Christian Scandinavia. Read about the ancient Northern Peoples' hierarchical system, charming traditions, and enigmatic beliefs.?BOOK 5: AGE-OLD KNOWLEDGE OF A FOLKLOREDiscovering the riddle behind the rich runic legacy of the northern peoples is the focus of a full volume. Get access to a new spiritual consciousness by learning the deeper significance of each of the runes.This book is a great way to learn about Norse and Norse culture, whether you buy it yourself or give it to a close one who is fascinated by the topic.

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