The Motion in the Potion Box Set by Amanda M. Lee

Author: Amanda M. Lee

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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Stormy “Breeze” Morgan was living the high life until her dreams came crashing down around her and she lost her book contract. With nothing left to do – and no money in her bank account – she’s forced to return to the family business, a diner in northern Lower Michigan.
Stormy never thought she would have to work with her family again, and it’s just as horrific as she expected. Things only get worse when, after a night of drinking with her cousin, a family Ouija board leads to a burst of magic and Stormy wakes floating over her bed the next morning.
In short order, she finds out it’s not only possible that she’s a witch but also probable, which leads her to the neighboring town of Hemlock Cove to learn from some legendary witches who reside there.
Stormy thought returning to Shadow Hills would be the worst thing that happened to her. She was wrong. Being a witch is fun … as is crossing paths with her first love Hunter Ryan. If only she could keep herself out of trouble. The mounting body count in Shadow Hills keeps her on the edge of adventure, though … and danger is never far behind.
This three-book omnibus includes the first three books in the Two Broomsticks Gas & Grill series: Sinfully Delicious, Caffeinated Calamity, and A Little Slice of Death.