Author: Jonathan Earn

Category: General Nonfiction

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It's easy to imagine a meta-universe in one of its many manifestations. Still, it's hard to describe some realistic assumptions to recognize it as an Internet-like phenomenon, let alone think of it as its successor.
So far, Metaverse is composed of a series of interesting experiences to generate new business opportunities. Still, it will completely change the way we communicate. So, at least shortly, what can we expect?
Explaining why there isn't a single reference, Metaverse is much easier than trying to explain what it could be. It is believed that it will be in the future. There are many reasons why it is not feasible at the moment: the first is that the enabling technology is immature, which limits the scope of inquiry to hypotheses and suggestions.
When we read reports telling us that Meta Universe business will reach x billion dollars in 2025, it is very clear that they are referring to the path currently taken, including many Meta Universe personal brands, those standalone 3D virtual worlds, with the new digital experience, companies will find a foothold and expand their business. However, the conditions for various interconnecting meta-universes seem to be confusing.