Author: Justin Swapp

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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A broken family. A hidden secret. The power to destroy the magical world.When Marcus and Ellie discover a hidden room in the family shop, they not only uncover a secret store of arcane inventory, but a magical relic at the center of a generational family feud that threatens to unravel everything they know.But they aren’t the only ones searching for it. A dark figure from their past, backed by those who seek unrestrained power, will stop at nothing to wield the forbidden magic.From middle school to flaming forests, and dragon dens, Marcus and Ellie must hunt the relic across a mythical, new world and work out how to stop the evil magic wielders from unleashing the destructive effects of shadow magic. How will they do it?A page-turning magical adventure with elements of the supernatural, The Magic Shop blends magical mystery with Indiana Jones-style action adventure.Get The Magic Shop and unravel this magical mystery with "a lot of heart."????? "I got really involved in this book and could barely set it aside to do ordinary things. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book for lovers of adventure and the paranormal."