Author: Maxim Dsouza

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Your mind can do amazing things in 2 seconds. This book is all about learning how to become self aware by improving your decisions and avoiding mistakes in less than a couple of seconds."Wait, 2 seconds? I can't get off the couch that fast," you complain. You’re right. your body needs time to perform an action, but your brain is a million times faster.The best part is your thoughts are lightning quick, no matter what your IQ. You do not need Einstein's intelligence to process thoughts in 2 seconds. Aren't you capable of having a conversation by processing what you hear and replying right after? If you can do that, there is no reason why you cannot think and make better choices in a snap of fingers.Have you said something wrong due to a slip of the tongue? Have you made a blunder you immediately regretted? Have you acted in a hurry without thinking through?99% of our decisions are small. Yet, we waste time trying to find big ideas which will change our life. Wouldn't it be wiser to improve the little choices we make day in and day out instead? If you master the art of making better decisions in a flash, you will achieve fantastic results.The Magic of 2 Seconds helps you avoid such silly mistakes and teaches you how to make decisions in life the right way. This book may not stimulate a billion-dollar idea, but it will help you correct the little errors you commit often. These little changes compound over time to make you a better person and achieve higher success in professional and personal life.You can harness the power of 2 seconds to learn:? How to avoid unnecessary arguments with your partner, friends or coworkers? How to counter the urge of eating junk food or skipping your workout? How to stop procrastination and laziness of the little tasks like doing your laundry or replying to an email? How to prevent impulsive buying when you visit a mall or a shopping website? How to bring about an improvement in productivity by working on your time management skills? How to take a risk in business or personal life by making better bets between the pessimistic and over-optimistic mindset? How to be empathetic and build long-lasting relationships ? How to become a self aware leaderAfter reading the book, you will develop mindfulness about every little action you take. Consider learning the skill like driving. At first, you will have to remind yourself to look at the rearview mirror or signal when you change lanes. Once the behavior is engraved into your subconscious brain, it will become a part of your second nature.Practicing the 2 second principle is the secret recipe for developing the self awareness skills of a zen monk. Your brain is capable of a lot more than you think. Read this book to tap into the magic of your mind using just 2 seconds.