The Lumberjack Bears by Emilia Hartley

Author: Emilia Hartley

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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This is one boxed set you do NOT want to miss!
The Lumberjack Bears Box Set has all the rough, rugged and irresistibly sexy alpha males that you've been waiting for. By the time you reach the end you'll be begging for more!

Book 1 - To Love a Bear

So long as the guys call him Boomer, Theodore Parker is content with his life. He has a place to stay, work to do, guys to hang—or fight with—when he wants, and the wilds of Montana to roam when he needs to be alone or go full bear. He has everything he needs.

Until he finds a woman on the side of the hill, hurt and unable to remember who she is. The more he’s around this alluring woman, the more he realizes his life isn’t complete without her. He’s not so selfish as to doom her to a rough life with a bear-shifting mountain man, though.

Book 2 - To Save A Bear

When Addison Stravinsky finds herself staring down the barrel of a gun at her banking job, she decides life is too short not to pursue her dreams.

Her novel-writing dreams, that is.

Not the dreams about the sexy stranger who saved her in the bank.

But the new dreams won’t go away. Because the more Addison gets to know Reid Bronson, the more she’s attracted to this intelligent, sensitive, sexy, man. The trouble is, the more she gets to know him, the more she realizes he’s hiding something from her—something that’s threatening him from the outside and destroying him from within.

Book 3 - To Trust a Bear

Morgan and his little gang of rogue bears are stirring up trouble.

Never in a million years did Callie want to see Morgan, the cheating jerk who stole her heart and stomped all over it over a decade ago. Unfortunately for her, the leader of her idyllic Alaskan community of bear shifters wants her to bring Morgan’s group back to the fold before they ruin things for bears everywhere.

The trouble is, the longer Callie hangs out with Morgan and his friends, the more she comes to doubt her upbringing. As everything she always thought important gets turned on its head, Callie must figure out who to trust and how to earn the trust of those she has inadvertently hurt.

Especially Morgan.

Book 4 - To Tame a Bear

Aimee believes her life may finally be heating up. At last she can follow her dreams of opening a restaurant. And with Callie off with her new mate, Aimee’s got the gorgeous grizzly she’s fallen for (and his gourmet kitchen) all to herself. Dominick is as tasty as the feasts she loves to make, and he seems to find her irresistible.

At least he does until the suffering caused by their fight with the Den makes him wild. The post-fight Dom is in constant pain and pulling away from Aimee as if afraid he might break her.

Can Aimee convince Dom that she’s stronger than she looks in time to prevent his bear side from overwhelming the man she loves?

Book 5 - To Redeem A Bear

Orion knows he's losing the battle to control his bear. It's only a matter of time before he's so far gone that one of his friends feels obliged to put him down like a well-loved but rabid dog.

That's partly why he welcomes the sexy shifter from the Den who shows up with a silver-bullet with his name on it. Orion figures this will be the perfect end--he'll have a bit of fun with this vixen and then stop complicating everyone's life.

What are you waiting for? Dive into the world of these sexy bear shifters and their irresistible fated mates! Scroll up and 1-CLICK this bad boy!

*** Lumberjack Bears is a Collection of 5 steamy paranormal romance novels. No cliffhanger, no cheating, and plenty of steam. ***