Author: C. H. Henry Hsu

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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Described as “The Da Vinci Code meets Bruce Lee.” Perfect for readers looking for: action-adventure, world travel, mystery thriller, multicultural representations.

Carved out of a mythical jade disk in the mid 8th century. The symbol of the first Dragon Emperor, Qin Shi Huang. The legitimizing device of the Throne—the Heirloom Seal of the Realm.

Sebastian Lee, a fresh college grad, who originally only intends to teach English in Taiwan for one year, to escape from starting the typical corporate nine-to-five job upon graduation.

But when an earthquake strikes on Mid-Autumn Festival night, one of his students, a ninety-year-old Chinese Civil War veteran, shares with Sebastian the clues to the hidden location of the most legendary ancient artifact in Chinese history—which supposedly has been lost for over a thousand years. When Sebastian “accidentally” promises to help, he is suddenly pulled into an unforeseen turn of events—a perilous quest to unlock the mystery of the Lost Imperial Seal.

Aided by his buddy, Jack, and the old veteran's granddaughter, Audrey, together they race all over the island of Taiwan. They must follow the trail of clues, decipher puzzles, and fight off unknown hostiles. Along the way, they uncover murders, clandestine operations, secret passages, and even national conspiracies.

Why is the imperial seal of the Chinese emperor hidden in Taiwan? Who hid it and why? And why would Sebastian’s failure to find the Heirloom Seal doom the future of Taiwan’s freedom and democracy?

This is the first book in the Sebastian Lee series. It is one of the first action-adventure novels written in the voice of an AAPI character.

Praise for the Lost Imperial Seal:

“Amazing fight scenes… one of the few writers who’s actually knowledgeable in MMA.”

“A page turner… I thought I'd just watched a Hollywood thriller...”

“Laugh-your-butt-off humour!”

“Finally an action-adventure novel by an AAPI writer.”

“Part adventure story, part Taiwan travel guide…”

If you enjoyed Dan Brown’s treasure hunts, Stephen King’s conversational writing style, and Jin Yong’s descriptive martial arts fight scenes, you’ll enjoy this action-packed, mystery thriller.