The Lord and the Cowgirl by Debra Erfert

Author: Debra Erfert

Category: Romance Books

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Pride and Prejudice in the Wild West
Can anything good come from a man accepting a childish challenge when it involves a woman’s heart?
Lord Christopher Lockwood’s life as a Western cowboy was all he imagined. Calloused hands, tan skin, and more hard work than he can handle. He gave up his aristocratic life of leisure to safeguard his only sister as she fled to America from the man who killed her husband. She found love again with a cattle rancher. It wasn’t until a friend challenged Christopher to open his heart to the rancher’s sister did he realize how little effort he’d made to get to know her.
Priscilla Bellamy fell utterly and desperately in love with the English lord the moment he almost kissed her hand when they first met. Yet, he’s never given her a second look. In fact, he has gone out of his way to ignore her when in the same room, so on her eighteen birthday, she made the difficult decision to end her pursuit of the handsome lord. Until something changed. Now Christopher is wholeheartedly pursuing Priscilla, but it may be too late for him to win her heart. Learning that his older brother has died, he needs to return to England. Can their romance bloom if they live on two different continents?
The Lord and the Cowgirl is a Victorian Western romance novel of approximately 53,000 words. No cheating. No cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.