Author: Kyle Bullock

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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What if the villain you're running from is really in your mind?Kai Cooper has an incredible, secret power - he can teleport, or "jump," anywhere in the world that he pictures in his head. But his power comes at a cost. Wicked voices from his troubled past haunt him more and more with every jump. His only reprieve from the pain of his past is his love and partner, Olivia.Olivia convinces Kai to use his power for good and save a kidnapped woman. However, when Kai's powers are exposed, a simple rescue plan turns into a game of cat and mouse with one of the city's most dangerous criminals - Damien Lucero. If that wasn't enough, Kai's dark and mysterious past chases them down with every passing second, threatening to destroy everything worth fighting for.Will Kai be able to overcome the monsters of his past and become a true hero, or will he become the villain he's feared all along? The Light Jumper is an exciting, fast-paced superhero origin story for every reader afraid their past will define them... and ready to take a stand against the darkness!