Author: Robert Brown

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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Eddie Keeper and his wife prepared for the fall of society. They outfitted their ranch for survival, built up defenses and stockpiled years worth of supplies. When the collapse arrives as an engineered plague instead of a monetary collapse, their plans of hunkering down and hiding until order is restored are thrown out the window. Instead they work to save people from the fast moving illness and to maintain a small safe zone around their home.But in this new world, survivors will kill for supplies, criminals have free reign and all the others are zombies that hunt the uninfected. Eddie struggles to maintain his sense of right and wrong in this post-apocalyptic landscape where the safest course of action is to kill anyone you meet rather than speak with them. His actions and decisions make his friends, family and even himself question where the real evil resides, at the ranch or outside of it.