Author: Peter J. Merrick

Category: Business, Money and Jobs

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When Michael meets Harold in what he thinks is a chance encounter in downtown Chicago, this young, cocky entrepreneur has no inkling of the journey of self-discovery and growth he is about to embark on.This quest occurs over the course of several decades, after Harold takes Michael under his wing. Harold has been crowned "The King of Main Street," a title he has rightfully earned as one of the most successful businessmen to ever walk the earth. Harold instructs his protégé about the most valuable discoveries, insights and lessons he has learned during his life's journey. In turn, Michael learns what it takes for true success in living, business, mentorship and succession. Harold shows Michael that it is important in life to leave a worthy legacy. But Harold also has much more in store for him than Michael could ever have imagined. The King of Main Street is much more than an ordinary business book. This is an essential tale on how to achieve enduring business and financial success, succession planning and mentorship, and it takes the reader on an adventure through some of the most important eternal truths. It is a story of life's great hidden secrets that had been passed on from generation to generation but have been unfortunately forgotten by today's society. The lessons taught by Harold and gifted to Michael and the reader can be applied directly to the challenges faced by business leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs. The King of Main Street is both a reference guide and a literary work. It is an indispensable roadmap for anyone searching to find their rite of passage towards lasting prosperity and creating a unique legacy.