The Jason Green Series: Books 1–3 by Gordon Wallis

Author: Gordon Wallis

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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A cracking thriller series. Gordon Wallis' vivid descriptions blend seamlessly with all of the mystery, intrigue and high-octane action his readers love. Jason Green is a hero for our time. Absolutely riveting!'
Book 1: The Snowman Of Zanzibar
The azure waters of a serene tropical paradise hide a sinister and murderous criminal undercurrent. A dark secret exposed leads to appalling bloodshed and chaos. How did it all go so dreadfully wrong?
Ex-soldier Jason Green was depressed and had been drinking far too much. The endless London winter had been bitterly cold. The freelance insurance fraud work was mundane, but this changes early on a frozen February morning.
The wealthy client was desperate. Just how was his high-flying young son making so much money?
It sounded like a dream assignment. An escape from the city and a bit of travel. And for a while it was.
But on an idyllic island utopia, someone is watching, and a dangerous criminal cartel operates quietly in the shadows. As Green digs deeper he uncovers the truth, but a series of unfortunate events occur. Events far beyond his control. Events that result in unspeakable violence and horror.
The cartel must be stopped, but who will be the next to die?
The action builds to a frenzy in this gripping 1st in series page-turner and the profoundly shocking finale will stay in your mind for a long time.
A very, very long time...
Book 2: The Teeth Of Giants
In the most savage wilderness on the planet, the Chinese crime cartels ruthlessly slaughtered the Elephants for their Ivory. And nobody dared to cross them.
Could one man help to put an end to this horrific trade?
He was an old friend. His death was suspicious. At the least, ex-special forces soldier Jason Green had to return to Africa to pay his respects. He never intended to get caught up in the murky and barbaric world of the illegal ivory trade.
What had his ex-military buddy been doing that got him killed?
Could Jason unravel the mystery of his death?
In the blazing heat of The Zambezi Valley, someone is watching. The corrupt and powerful will stop at nothing to protect their business.
The deeper Jason digs, the more dangerous it gets. The risks are very real, the poaching syndicates must be stopped, but who will be the next to die?
The action is brutal and relentless in this riveting international crime epic.
Everyone wants justice and retribution. But sometimes true justice comes at one hell of a price.
Book 3: The Star Of The Desert
For millions of years, a bounty of unimaginable riches lay hidden deep within the scorched wastelands of the Namib desert. Diamonds. Some men cracked the earth to own them. Some men died.
For ex-soldier Jason Green, the job was unexpected but the brief was simple.
At the most remote diamond mine in the world, something was wrong. Badly wrong.
The insurance firm was deeply concerned. The running costs were enormous, the claims, suspicious.
What were the dark secrets that had been so carefully concealed?
Secrets buried as deep as the glittering stones themselves.
Jason Green uncovers the truth but his astonishing discovery sets off a chain of events that result in hideous violence and cold-blooded murder.
The architect of this horror must be stopped, but for Green, there are personal scores to settle.
The action builds to a frenzy in this ferociously fast-paced thriller, and the heart-stopping climax will leave you breathless.
Nail-biting, hardcore entertainment. Utterly addictive & unputdownable. The first three books of the global smash hit series in one specially priced boxset.
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