Author: Scott Nicholson

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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From a #1 Kindle bestselling author, in development as a feature film."Like Stephen King, he has an eye and ear for the rhythms of rural America, and like King he knows how to summon serious scares. My advice? Buy everything he writes."-- Bentley Little, The HauntingTHE HOMEWhen twelve-year-old Freeman Mills arrives at Wendover, a group home for troubled children, it’s a chance for a fresh start. But second chances aren’t easy for Freeman, the victim of painful childhood experiments that gave him the ability to read other people’s minds.At Wendover, Freeman and the other children are subjected to more secret experiments, organized by a shadowy organization called The Trust. But the experiments do more than open up clairvoyant powers--the electromagnetic fields used in the experiments are summoning the ghosts of the patients who died at Wendover back when it was a psychiatric ward.Now a new scientist has been brought into the project, an unstable and cruel pioneer in ESP studies who performed most of his work on a very special subject: his son, Freeman Mills.**************Scott Nicholson is the international best-selling author of The Red Church, Liquid Fear, Creative Spirit, Speed Dating with the Dead, Drummer Boy and more. Learn more about his work at This is Scott’s preferred, DRM-free edition of the 2005 U.S. paperback."Scott Nicholson knows the territory. Follow him at your own risk." --Stewart O'Nan, A Face in the Crowd"Always surprises and always entertains." --Jonathan Maberry, Patient Zero"Scott Nicholson understands that the best horror novels achieve primal fear through a combination of sustained atmosphere, richly drawn characters, and believable if uncanny evils that draw unholy power from everyday lives.”—Christopher Ransom, The Birthing House"Keep both hands on your pants, because Nicholson is about to scare them off."--J.A. Konrath, Origin