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Want to lose weight and keep healthy in a reliable way?

Feel tired all day at work and stuff yourself with processed food?

Get interested in the whole food lifestyles but don't know where to start?

If so, The Healthy 30-Day Whole Food Cookbook for Beginners could be a good choice for you!Transform to whole food eating patterns will help you lose weight, feel young and vital, and ensure a long-term approach to your health. The 30-day whole food program set a strict rule to help you keep on track on your weight loss plan. Consuming no sugar, no processed food and no grains and legumes, you will definitely reap the benefits of the daily regime.The 30-day whole food program is designed to remodel your relationship with food and reset your metabolism. Except for tried-and-tested clinical method to prove, millions of people have shared their success of weight loss on Internet. It is a comprehensive, nourishing, compliant, and in the same time, delicious way to maintain health, improve sleep quality and strengthen your immune system.Here’s what you will discover in the wholesome cookbook:

Overview of whole food diet ---- You will get through the basic underlying principles of whole food diet. What to eat and avoid eating is also noted so that you can have a knowledge before you start your whole food journey!30-day whole food program ---- We've made a clear 30-day meal prep plan for you to cultivate a healthy eating habit. You have to stay on track! One cheating meal is not allowed. If you accidentally break the rule, you must start from the beginning!600 Quick and Easy whole food recipes ---- The ingredients needed is easy to find in local groceries or store. Shopping and pantry list is also attached in the book. Just follow the step of each recipe, you will make a simple or delectable dish even in busy weeknights!

Take the 30-day whole food challenge and simplify your cooking in this cookbook for beginners today!