Author: Jack Lewis

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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A nice family. A second chance. Lots and lots of secrets.Scarlett is hesitant when she inherits her childhood home. She hasn’t been there in decades, and the manor holds memories she shouldn’t confront. But it’s a new chance for her family. If they can restore the aging house, they can make a life for themselves.Things start to go wrong very, very quickly.Shadows lurking in the hallways... nails scratching on the walls… cold breath on the back of their necks.As Scarlett and Trevor explore the manor, they unravel dark family secrets best left undisturbed. At the center is someone who once owned the house, who doesn’t care much for its new occupants. And just because he died centuries ago, doesn't mean his work is finished.Enter the halls of Gawthorpe Manor and begin the paranormal mystery that will keep you turning the pages all night.