Author: E.G. Foley

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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NY Times Bestselling Author E.G. Foley brews up a magical potion for fantasy readers of all ages!Take a dash of Harry Potter and a splash of Oliver Twist, add a pinch of steampunk and a sprinkle of Victorian fairy lore, and what do you get? The Gryphon Chronicles! A rollicking fantasy adventure series that’s as much fun for grownups as it is for kids.This digital collection contains novels 1 and 2 in E.G. Foley’s bestselling series, The Gryphon Chronicles.BOOK 1: THE LOST HEIROrphan. Pickpocket. Rogue. Meet Jake—a cool-nerved lad of twelve surviving by his wits and his sense of humor on the hard streets of Victorian London. Clever, mischievous, and a little too brave for his own good, Jake usually takes trouble in stride, but the most bizarre things have been happening to him lately. For reasons he cannot comprehend, he can suddenly see ghosts—and move solid objects with his mind! Maybe that’s why a Sinister Gentleman and his minions have now come hunting him. Suddenly on the run for his life, Jake plunges headlong into a wondrous world full of magic, mythical creatures, and deadly peril. A world that might just hold the answer to the one question that’s haunted him for years: the secret of who he really is.“A wonderful novel in the same vein as Harry Potter, full of nonstop action, magical creatures, and the reality that was Queen Victoria’s England.” ~The Reading CaféBOOK 2: JAKE & THE GIANTReunited with his aristocratic magical relatives and finally getting used to his supernatural powers, Jake travels abroad on his first-ever holiday to support his brilliant cousin Archie at the amazing international (steampunk!) Invention Convention, where the boy genius is set to unveil his new flying machine to the scientific world. Under the watchful eyes of their shapeshifter governess and tutor, the kids set sail aboard a luxurious ocean-liner bound for majestic Scandinavia, home of Viking legends and the old Norse gods. But they aren’t there long before BIG TROUBLE breaks out. There’s an angry Norse giant on the loose, and madcap Loki, god of mischief, is out to wreak whatever havoc he can cause…“This was an entertaining, laugh-out-loud, engaging and engrossing read. Right from the start you are pulled into a land of myth and legend, of magic and mayhem and a land that you will fall in love with.” ~Amazon ReviewerThe Gryphon ChroniclesBook 1 – THE LOST HEIRBook 2 – JAKE & THE GIANTBook 3 – THE DARK PORTALBook 3.5 – THE GINGERBREAD WARSBook 4 – RISE OF ALLIESBook 5 – SECRETS OF THE DEEPBook 6 – THE BLACK FORTRESS Book 7 – THE DRAGON LORD