The Granny Who Stands on Her Head by Ann Richardson

Author: Ann Richardson

Category: History, Politics and Culture

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“Somewhere in the middle of my seventies, I realised that I liked being old.”
So begins this set of engaging stories and thoughts on growing older by someone with a vast range of life experience to share.
Part memoir and part reflection on the joys and challenges of modern life, this book explores the nature of old age and how it compares to what came before. The author argues that being older does not have to be feared. Even better, it can be fun.
This kaleidoscopic book offers a refreshing – and often funny – look at a wide range of issues, Including the personal awkwardness of a loss of memory, a new take on the nature of ambition, and sex at the age of 90. It challenges head on many of the prevalent myths and taboos surrounding old age.
You may never look at old age in the same way again