Author: M.C. Roberts, R.F. Maclay

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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The adventures of Tom, Hellen and Cloutard continue with The Golden Path.

The greatest treasure of mankind. An worldwide conspiracy. A cruel revelation.

Now a special unit for Blue Shield, Tom and his team are on a search for the legendary El Dorado. But, as usual, things don’t go as planned. The team gets separated and is – literally – forced to fight a battle on multiple fronts: Hellen and Cloutard make discoveries that overturn the familiar story of El Dorado’s gold.Meanwhile, the President of the United States has tasked Tom with keeping a dangerous substance out of the hands of terrorists.Slowly but surely, they realize that it’s all connected: behind their assignments is an international conspiracy of unimaginable magnitude. Where is El Dorado really located Who are their real enemies? And what painful discovery awaits Tom and his team at the end of the line?

Get the new Tom Wagner adventure The Golden Path

:exotic locations, likeable (and hateable) characters, unexpected plot twists, lighthearted action and dialogues that will make you chuckle. A blockbuster in book form that you won’t want to put down!

Thrilled readers of the Tom Wagner Adventure:

“I like it! Short chapters, quick scene changes and themes taken from today’s news make a lot of things easy to understand. The detailed descriptions of locations alternate with a bird’s-eye view, and the authors manage to make every chapter compact and exciting. With the last sentence, it’s clear that marketing experts know how to write – when is Volume 2 coming out?”“Exhilarating, great writing! A nice mixture of Dan Brown, James Bond, Jason Bourne, and a little Viennese humor thrown in for good measure. Solid research on the locations and surprising plot twists. All in all, a successful debut, definitely worth reading. Looking forward to the second installment!”“My expectations weren’t just met, they were exceeded. The entertaining and sometimes peculiar characters and the detailed historical backgrounds and locations make the book a real pleasure to read. The writing style is short and concise, no convoluted sentences – I like it! Normally I’m not interested in world religions or their history, but with Tom Wagner I was happy to be on board! In short: I’m going to be a repeat offender. ;)”“I’m a huge Dan Brown fan, and I was a little skeptical at the beginning – but Tom Wagner won me over after just a few pages! Great book, looking forward to more!”