The Girl in Room 16 by Eva Sparks

Author: Eva Sparks

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Hunted by her past… haunted by her future.
Eighteen years ago, FBI Agent Darcy Hunt’s life changed forever when her little sister was abducted right under her nose—murdered by a crazed guild of misguided zealots.
Now, as she spends her days and nights hunting down the very worst of humanity, Darcy receives an unexpected call directing her to the sleepy small town of Miller’s Grove. Local law enforcement is unable to make sense of a chilling case, one that will prove to be the most complex and baffling of her career.
Small towns harbor big secrets, and as Darcy peels back the layers of Miller Grove’s past, some of the residents start to get nervous. Never one to back down, Darcy must call on every bit of her training and experience as the investigation takes a sharp turn and forces her to confront a harrowing past she thought had finally let her go.
Meanwhile, someone lurks deep in the shadows, watching her, drawing her in closer and closer to the edge of truth that has lain hidden for all these years.
A puzzle slowly emerges, one that has taken years for a sick and twisted mind to carefully conceive, and it is only when a third girl goes missing that Darcy begins to realize that the grim events from her own past might be the only key to stopping an emboldened and fearless monster.
As the calendar pages flip,
Blood on the ground begins to drip.
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