Author: Robert Ellis

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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With Detective Matt Jones on medical leave after hunting down a brutal serial killer on the East Coast in THE LOVE KILLINGS, his supervisor from Hollywood Homicide makes a late-night visit. A body has been found buried in a remote park high above Los Angeles. Because LAPD resources are maxed out, Jones is asked to come off leave and work the case. Unfortunately, he makes a quick discovery, and it's grim. The murder victim is a fifteen-year-old girl.Driven by the horror of the crime, Jones and his partner, Denny Cabrera, burn through the investigation like a wildfire. But as they turn over clue after clue, nothing adds up until they make an even more gruesome discovery.There’s another dead body out there, and now, no one is safe—especially Jones, who uncovers evidence that the murders may be linked to a turf war between an infamous mob figure and the power of Wall Street. But even worse, the big shots in city government are in on it, too. One suspect after the next shares the same goal—to pin the murders on Matt Jones and watch him run for his life.


"With THE GIRL BURIED IN THE WOODS, Robert Ellis delivers his most terrifying thriller yet. Loaded with fully realized characters, and a story inspired by a real-life murder Ellis experienced as a ten-year-old boy, this heart pounding read feels like a ride on a roller coaster plunging through the void with no brakes. Once again Robert Ellis demonstrates his masterful touch as a storyteller in THE GIRL BURIED IN THE WOODS."