The Gilroy Clan: Patrick & Cari (Boxed Set) by Megyn Ward

Author: Megyn Ward

Category: Romance Books

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Patrick Gilroy is every good girl's dream come true.
Funny, sweet and holy hell hot.
So what’s the problem?
I’m far from perfect and I’m no one’s idea of a good girl. I know that, but I’ve wanted Patrick ever since the first night we met. Ever since I kissed him and… well, did decidedly ungood-girl things to him in the front seat of his car. The same night he gently but firmly shut me down completely with a it was nice to meet you, Cari.
I know he’s out of my league, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting him. And if the way he looks at me when he thinks no one is paying attention is any indicator, he wants me too. But he’ll never make a move on me. Not unless I make him.
That’s what my friend Tess says. She thinks all Patrick needs is a little... push.
The last thing I expected was for him to push back.
I’m the good Gilroy.
Not the serious one—the control freak who doesn’t know how to smile and had his entire life planned before he was old enough to drink and certainly not the one who runs around sticking his d**k into anything with a pulse.
I’m Patrick Gilroy.
Thoughtful. Considerate. Dependable.
Mr. Nice Guy.
That’s how Cari used to see me.
But that was before.
Before she moved in and made my life a living hell. Made me want things I’d convinced myself I could never have. Things that made me question who I really am.
And how far I’m willing to go to get them.
Because I never wanted to be just her friend. I’ve always wanted more.
A lot more.
Now that she’s pushed me over the edge, she’s going to find out just how much.
Now that I’ve had her, I’m not going to stop until I take it all.
Now I’m going to finish what Cari started.
No more Mr. Nice Guy.