Author: Elena Amber

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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"A compelling perspective on the way a form of neurodivergence can ultimately drive effective adaptations rather than serve as a source of difficulty... a unique self-help book focused on the benefits of sensitivity." -

Kirkus Reviews.

"A welcome guide for business leaders looking for new ideas and advice when revamping their sensitivity training or for anyone in need of adjusting their mindset and finding new ways to express and feel their emotions."

- BookLife for Publishers Weekly.

This is the era of emotion: EQ training for employees, empathy in leadership, the Experience Economy of consumers. But how do we access the full potential of creativity, originality, innovation, intuition, flexibility, and inclusiveness that emotions can unlock? Through sensitivity.Sensitivity is the degree to which we sense and perceive the world. For too long we have seen it as a weakness, especially in business: Elena Amber demonstrates that it is the source of our most authentic strength, and our superpower for the future.Elena Amber brings her years of research in human experience and psychology, focused particularly on emotional engagement, her international business experience and her profound meditation practice to show how connecting to emotions by embracing sensitivity unlocks our most extraordinary and profound faculties.