Author: Kevin Hincker

Category: Fantasy

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"ghosts, murders, psychics, unlikely romance and nonstop action" - Kirkus Reviews (starred)
Life is rough with eyes that see the dead.
At 6 Asher was a prodigy. Then strange, ultraviolet color seizures made painting unbearable. Now he's 26, managing his crazy from a bar stool in the secretive SoCal artist colony of Skysill Beach, moonlighting as an art investigator. In a town like Skysill, forgeries are everyone's problem. But for Ash they cut like broken glass. His ultraviolet eyes see things he wishes they wouldn't.
When wealthy art dealer Waylon Goodman calls, Asher assumes it's to expose another forgery. But Waylon's daughter is dead. Though Asher's true expertise lies mostly in drinking these days, he agrees to investigate the girl and finds ultraviolet paint where it definitely should not be. Soon her ultraviolet ghost is following him, and to uncover her secrets he must return to Skysill Beach, to the world of ultraviolet art he thought he'd left behind, where his family tragedy waits just below the surface...
"You simply cannot put it down for more than a few minutes," Jeremy C. (Amazon review)
"An ambitious, surreal mystery." - Publishers Weekly (BookLife Prize, 2023)
"Writing that hypnotizes you..." K. Lauren (Amazon review)
"A masterful detective tale" - Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
"Highly recommend this world of fantasy and mystery." Andrea L. Ruiz (Amazon review)