Author: C.R. Turner

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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For years, the ‘ghost ship’ – a monolithic Timberwolf starship – has been hidden from time. Now it’s about to reappear and Striker Force Raptor have been assigned to retrieve the vessel and return it to its rightful owners, once they’ve deciphered its incredibly advanced technology.But what seems like an exhilarating adventure is about to take a dangerous turn amid chance encounters with black holes, hidden planets and mysterious deaths. Striker Force Raptor have faced tough assignments before but never an invisible killer that threatens their survival by the second.Joel has to figure out why the ghost ship’s crew and their entire planet’s civilisation have been decimated. Forced to trace the culprit back to another planet – Blackrock, home of a most-wanted war criminal known for his psychopathic cruelty – Joel is about to face his worst nightmare. He and Sam may have been lucky to survive their last twelve missions with Strike Force Raptor, but on mission thirteen, has his luck finally run out?