The Gallery of Stolen Souls by Helen Moorhouse

Author: Helen Moorhouse

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

In 1860’s London, change is on the cards for down-at-heel photographer, Samuel Temple, when he is commissioned by the employers of the enigmatic Mrs Watson to capture a special portrait. Little does he know, however, that the subject of the photograph will spark a dark fascination inside him, one which takes his life – and many more – in an increasingly sinister direction.

In present day Dublin, Louise Lacey is drawn to purchase a beautiful old camera for her home as a symbol of change in her own life. The arrival of the antique, however, triggers strange and terrifying events and Louise reluctantly becomes aware that she is no longer alone.

As Louise reluctantly investigates the source of her haunting, she is led into danger she could never have imagined, as it becomes terrifyingly clear that she is the victim of dark obsessions, both past and present.