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Stop letting negative thoughts and doubts get in the way of your dreams. Whether you want to make a bit of extra cash to help out the family or experience the freedom of being a full-time freelance writer, there are opportunities waiting for you. It may not be easy work, but anyone can make money with writing if they are willing to put a bit of sweat into the process. The Freelance Writer’s Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Immediate Income Working from Anywhere offers advice to those who are ready to step into freelance waters.Ethan Miller draws from years of writing experience to deliver realistic and easy-to-follow steps for producing income from your writing. He is quick to caution against pie-in-the-sky hopes, but he also points out that Negative Nancy has no reason for her thought processes. This e-book gives you a quick run-down on selling fiction and creative work, creating a platform for nonfiction and generating fast income through copy and content writing. He also provides numerous resource lists for the serious writer and points beginners in safe directions.Get ready to earn your first writing paycheck with The Freelance Writer’s Handbook.