Author: Tom Albrighton

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Are you an introvert?
If you're happy in your own company most of the time, have just a few really close friends and prefer to work alone, the answer is probably yes.

Introverts find external stimulation overwhelming, so they look for ways to retreat from it. A situation that’s easy or fun for one person can be way too much for an introvert.

That's fine as long as they have a choice. But that can change when they go to work.

Modern working styles like open-plan offices, brainstorming and teamwork can be really hard on introverts. The hands-on work is OK, but the emotional labour of working with others can be draining.

Freelancing offers introverts a way out – a chance to work alone, control their workload and create their own workspace. It can be ideal.

However, it also takes work.

Going freelance means running a one-person business. It means setting direction, organizing your schedule and setting priorities. It means hustling for work and setting prices. And it means building a network that will offer vital support.

Doing all that is hard enough for anyone - but particularly for introverts. To make a success of freelancing, you'll need to learn some new skills, push yourself to meet some challenges and build up your confidence.

The Freelance Introvert will show you how to make that happen. It will teach you all about creating and managing your freelance business, from setting aims and getting set up to time management, working with clients and marketing.

Written by Tom Albrighton - author, veteran freelancer, ProCopywriters co-founder and a confirmed introvert - The Freelance Introvert is the book you need for the life you want.