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The Force of Suggestion Part 1: Foundations!The entire Force of Suggestion trilogy course is available now! Buy – The Force of Suggestion part 2: Changing Perceptions, and part 3: Trojan Horses in a few clicks!The internationally bestselling author the Rogue Hypnotist is back with a Masterclass level book series: THE FORCE OF SUGGESTION! This trilogy will completely expose the hidden mysteries of suggestion, up to now kept locked away by elite communication experts! After completing his incredibly successful 10 part ‘Confessions of’ series the Rogue Hypnotist decided that no one had yet satisfactorily written a pro level book on the super subtle subject of suggestion, yet it is a key component not just of hypnosis but of all speech! After reading the powerful insights in these books you will become a MASTER SUGGESTER! You will learn the IRON LAWS of suggestion: the subject is totally demystified, declassified, and uncloaked. Harness the core principles of THE FORCE OF SUGGESTION!A key part to getting what you want in life is making suggestions to others.For newbies: the Rogue Hypnotist was a highly successful NLP Master Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist working in London, UK – he cured 99% of his clients in just 1 session. Now he is a successful full time writer! A hypnotic consultant if you will, working for you.In this first groundbreaking book, THE FORCE OF SUGGESTION, PART 1: FOUNDATIONS, you will easily grasp the key underlying principles of suggestion in a readily absorbed, fun way – guaranteed 100%. ANYONE CAN LEARN THIS! If you can speak, write or gesture, your suggestive abilities will skyrocket! We will build the foundation of your knowledge and suggestion savvy from the ground up, each book building on what you learnt in the one before. Are you ready to totally upgrade your communication powers, knowledge of influence, and force of personality to achieve total suggestion success without hypnosis for next to nothing!!!? PREPARE TO BE INITIATED to the Advanced Hypnotic Masters Series level.In this suggestion secrets drenched book you’ll MASTER:1. The true nature of effective suggestion and THE DEEP MIND!2. Masterclass level mindboggling metaphors, and exactly how to use ‘em!3. The inner confirmer.4. The actual types of suggestion that really matter.5. The solid structure of suggestive language.6. The power of PERFORMATIVES!7. How to create irresistible VERBAL ENVIRONMENTS.8. The devastating power of verbs!9. The precise number of words to use in embedded commands.10. How to create a forceful personality.11. Take advantage of social role and hierarchy.12. Seizing the suggestee’s imagination.13. Creating supercharged memes!14. How to use emotion to boost suggestive power.15. The 9 hidden needs everyone has, but no one admits to!16. The double suggestion whammy!17. The one magic word to make you sound authoritative!18. The secrets of memory.19. The secrets of somnambulism.20. The power of constructs, and how to shift ‘em.21. How to use moral force!22. Thanatos suggestions!23. Everyday suggestive phrases that sound so normal people think they’re ordinary speech.24. Suggestion in Shakespeare.25. Indirect suggestion.26. Linguistic intensifiers.27. Utilising dominant intelligence.28. Leading questions.29. Conditioning protocols.30. The magic 10, subliminal nudges, delusion wars, planks of prestige, essential decisions and the power of beauty! You don’t need to be a pro-hypnotist to improve your life by increasing your FORCE OF SUGGESTION!Buy the whole series today!