Author: Erik Qualman

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Learn the not so simple art of doing less. Whether you’re a programmer, a mom, an executive, a school teacher, or an entrepreneur...THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU IF...1. You feel stretched too thin by trying to do too much.2. There’s no time for relaxation or deep thinking.3. You’re completing thousands of tasks without achieving your goals.Welcome to The Focus Project, a book designed to provide answers and solutions to the challenge of focusing in an unfocused world. Combining street science and institutional research alongside his own personal focus project, Qualman delivers practical advice on doing the important things instead of a bunch of things. The following is a guide to pursuing less in order to achieve more—both personally and professionally. We will realize that leading an overly busy life is a choice, but it’s not a wise one. Being overscheduled isn’t something to be proud of, it’s something to avoid at all costs. Instead, we should choose to focus on what matters most. This choice determines our success, happiness, health, and fulfillment. Successful and happy people understand it’s not about getting more things done, it’s about getting more of the big things done. The pages within will help you learn the not so simple art of doing less.