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Have you been through your share of budget cookbooks with impossible-to-find ingredients, long cooking times, and plain, flavorless food? With the $5 Foodie, you can rest easy!
From easily found ingredients to easily made recipes, the $5 Foodie shows you that you can truly have it all! Over five years, this family team has tested their recipes to bring you a cookbook that will please not only your tastebuds but also your waistline, your wallet, and even your environmental footprint.
This cookbook draws from a variety of cooking styles—American, Native American, French, Spanish, Italian. And all of that for $5 dollars a day—not just $5 dollars a meal!
So don’t wait! Start enjoying recipes that are not only flavorful and healthy but also easy on your wallet, with this 55-recipe cookbook featuring menus and shopping tips.

"This book provides fresh recipes for most ingredients that I usually cook with and shows how inexpensive good, healthy eating can be. The photography and food presentation are stunning." —Kathryn Kleekamp, author of Celebrating Cape Cod & the Islands: Traditions, Festivals, and Food.