Author: Matt Law

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Some call them creative geniuses. Others label them workaholics. Either way, if you’re going to keep up with them, you’d better be moving quickly. These driven individuals are the movers and shakers building the world around us. Somehow, they’re able to capitalize on opportunities before others even notice them. Fueled by endless passion and ideas, they have unlimited energy to get things done. While we might not understand them, we can’t help but notice that they have something special inside. That’s the


.In this adventure, you’ll meet Luke Voightmann, a once-successful entrepreneur. In an instant, a tragic accident has turned his world upside down, killing his best friend and causing him to lose almost everything. Facing the bloody aftermath of a failed business, Luke's family hangs on by a thread, desperately hoping for change. Rising from the ashes comes a rare chance to compete in the ultimate contest of entrepreneurs. To win, he’ll have to face his own demons and take an honest look at his motives. Join Luke on his journey as he rediscovers himself through the lens of the