The Ellie O’Conner Suspense Series by Jack Hardin

Author: Jack Hardin

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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The Ellie O’Conner Mystery Thriller Series by Amazon bestselling author Jack Hardin. Richly rendered characters and plot twists that will leave you scrambling for the next page. If you love thriller mysteries filled with suspense, action, and a touch of humor and romance, then the Ellie O’Conner Series is for you. Hands down, the best series you’ll read all year.Now, for a limited time, purchase the first four books in the Ellie O’Conner Series for 90% off!★★★★★ "Stunningly well-written!"
★★★★★ “The suspense is unending”BROKEN STERNFresh off a dynamic career with the CIA, Ellie finally returns home to Southwest Florida to catch up on years lost to the wind. But when news of a horrifying murder shocks her sleepy fishing community, she’s compelled by a deep sense of justice to help track down the killer. And when an old friend offers her a chance to do it from behind a badge, she goes all in. Ellie’s investigation gets off to a rapid start, leading her into a hidden underworld of drugs, murder, and lies, where she quickly discovers that some of the locals may not have the cleanest of hands. Meanwhile, as deep pain continues to linger from the recent death of her father and a gaping hole left by a previous mission gone terribly wrong, Ellie discovers that it’s not so easy to outrun your past.SHALLOW BREEZEWhen a plane loaded with illegal drugs crashes into an iconic pier, the locals begin to wonder if any other secrets are about to fall out of the sky. After going to Tampa to search out a possible link between Hawkwing Enterprises and the dead body of a young boy, Ellie suddenly becomes entangled with an elusive drug lord and the former Navy SEAL working with him. On Pine Island, a local and beloved business owner is blackmailed into moving cargo that goes against everything he believes in, bringing his world crashing down around him as he begins to live a sinister lie.BITTER TIDEWhen local Matlacha artist Jean Oglesby confides to Ellie that her son may be in some trouble, Ellie steps in to help and is sent down a winding trail that leads her into deep and unexpected waters. A Category 4 hurricane has Pine Island in its crosshairs, and as the winds whip the mainland, it forces Ellie to make a choice: flee for safety or stay and hunt down the weapons smugglers that have kidnapped and tortured an innocent man. And when a friend from the past suddenly appears with unexpected news, she begins to wonder if the truth is even out there and if she will be forced to finally bend the rules.VACANT SHOREEllie has encountered setback after setback, and this time is no different. When a former adversary comes back for revenge, Ellie discovers the crosshairs cover more than she ever could have imagined and locks her into a deadly battle that has already claimed far too many innocent lives. As she gets ever closer to unmasking the lies running rampant over her community, Ellie finds corruption at the highest levels of government, forcing her to reexamine everything she knew to be true. In this nail-biting conclusion to an investigation that began in Broken Stern, Ellie’s pursuit of justice takes her to the very threshold of death’s door, and what she finds leading up to it is nothing short of terrifying.★★★★★ "I love this series. I love Tyler and Ellie. She is a fantastic lead character. Pine Island, FL and it's quirky residents are addicting. The town comes to life. You can practically smell and taste the salt water, feel the humidity and the ocean breeze. I'm so glad I stumbled onto Hardin's series."Love any of the following authors? Then you won't get enough of Jack Hardin: Melinda Leigh, Jeff Carson, Kendra Elliot, JD Robb, Wayne Stinnett, Robert Dugoni, Dawn Lee McKenna, David Baldacci. Have you met Ellie? Get started on the bestselling series now…and buckle up.