Author: Jon Bostock

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You know the moments of inspiration that come out of nowhere? Maybe it’s an idea for a product that will change people’s lives, or a way to solve a conflict. No matter the epiphany, this surge of excitement is often as fleeting as the good ideas we abandon too quickly. But what if we took a chance? What if we used our momentum to see our ideas through?Our ancestors used their ideas for change. They took big risks to improve the lives of future generations, doing whatever it took with few alternatives. Now it’s our turn to take the risks and change the world, but we’re comfortable and complacent—even when we shouldn’t be.In The Elephant’s Dilemma, Jon Bostock shares how he took a chance with his fascinating story of business success. He shows how we’re chained to our current reality, and what can happen when we break free and reimagine our future. His book is an urgent battle cry asking us to step forward, live a more fulfilled life, and leave a legacy for future generations.