Author: Tamiko Williams and Sarah Bittaye Mitchell

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Undertake a journey of self-discovery that will mold you into a great leader, communicator, and human. Imagine possessing the qualities and leadership abilities of a veteran leader with a management style that rivals no other. I am speaking about managing humans in the most expressive and humanistic way to pull out their best. By doing that, you will be able to create an amazing workplace culture with engaged employees who love their job. And with your new leadership skills in tow, you’ll be able to build up, instruct, gather, create, persuade, and develop other great leaders beyond your imagined expectations and beliefs.And that is just the beginning. Each chapter holds a wealth of knowledge and understanding that only comes through experience. The authors combine their years of experience received while working with management professionals from all backgrounds and educational levels, with studies of the great leaders of the past.By doing so, Tamiko and Sanah believe that they've discovered the secrets that make some people so charismatic that millions will follow them to the end of the earth. And they revealed those secrets in this amazingly clever and enlightening leadership self-help book that will take you on a personal journey to greatness.See, Tamiko realized that only through focusing first on yourself can your leadership skills develop and grow. Once that happens, you'll be able to improve trust and loyalty between you and your employees. In turn, you’re creating a management style that will make the best of the best want to work for and with you. So, before you can become a great leader, you must first learn to master yourself. Tamiko offers six tricks to mastering one’s self, complete with inspirational stories and worksheets. Next, she uses "Let’s Get Naked" as a fun and exciting way to strip away the old you to make room for the new you. Once stripped, you’ll begin to rebuild and develop new habits. Habits that other great leaders possessed and mastered along their journey.This is leadership training like no other before it, with thought-provoking questions, case studies, assignments and role reversals. Not to mention, Tamiko and Sanah have truly breathed new life back into leadership training with their valuable tips, strategies, humor, tough soul searching, entertaining stories, and mindset restructuring. You will be engaged on every level, all while building and strengthening new core beliefs and values, with effective calls-to-action. That will give you the added skills necessary to move up the leadership ladder quickly. Then with all your newly acquired knowledge, you’ll be able to mentor and coach other new HEs (Human Employees) with ease. Don't miss out on your opportunity to become the leader you were always meant to be. Invest in yourself now and discover a lifetime of benefits and value.