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150 Simple & Delicious Easy Bake Oven Recipes for Girls and Boys.

Don’t worry if you’ve never set foot in the kitchen?the simple and straightforward guidance in The Easy Bake Oven Complete Cookbook will teach you everything you need to know, starting with absolute basics like kitchen safety, properly mixing, handling eggs, and more. Each recipe is foolproof and easy to follow, with tips to help kids get excited about cooking.

In this cookbook you’ll find:

     • Baking Basic?Get easy-to-understand baking guides that start with the assumption that you’ve never tried cooking or baking for yourself before.

     • 150+ Simple & Delicious Recipes—Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, and more!

     • Cooking Fun—This cookbook is filled with fun food facts that will pique their minds as well as their appetites.

The sweetest treat you’ll find in The Easy Bake Oven Complete Cookbook is even better than something you can eat?it’s the memories you’ll cook up.