Author: Erick Drake

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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Could you work with your ex? Could you trust them to keep your secrets?And when the Doomsday Machine comes for you both, which one of you will survive?This is independent author Erick Drake’s debut novel, a parody space opera romp set in the politically unstable galaxy of the twenty-fourth century.If you like Jasper Fforde and Douglas Adams, you’ll love this.‘Like [Tom] Robbins, Drake is not only a magnificent storyteller, but also masterful with his language, humour, and snark. The ridiculous and pseudo-surreal nature of certain story details also summon visions of Douglas Adams . . . The writing is immersive and dense, with multilayered jokes and callback humour, as well as witty wordplay on nearly every page.’ The Independent Review of Books‘Like watching a sunrise post-surgery through fentanyl and propofol goggles!’ Editorial Review