Author: Brent Reilly

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Spectacular dinosaur battles!

Read it now and thank me later.”An action-packed

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powerful plots

.”NAZIS VS DINOS: It’s 1944 and Hitler is desperate. Russians will soon be shelling Berlin, so a monstrous dictator out of time sends a special team to a timeless island that some call Atlantis to steal a super-weapon that may be the lost Ark of the Covenant – an ironic weapon for a regime exterminating Jews. The best Nazis must get past the worst monsters of the future or they’re history. The truths they discover are more monstrous than the lies they’ve been told because the island is out of time – and so are they.JURASSIC RESORT: An alien fleet will arrive in 50 years to exterminate humanity, but the physicists who found the Grand Theory of Everything have discovered a way to enter dinosaur times. Only by putting people in the past can we survive the future. All we must do is create a self-sustaining population in a world dominated by Earth’s fiercest creatures. To pay for it all, we’ll need dino tourism. What could go wrong?DINO WARS: If the asteroid that killed dinosaurs, 65 million years ago, had been half as big, only dinos in the Americas would have died. Mammals would have evolved without dinos on South America Island until a land bridge connected it with North America, 3 million years ago. The smartest raptor, troodon, grew twice as big above the Arctic Circle because harsh conditions rewarded intelligence. Their descendants may have ruled the world when modern humans first encountered dinos in North America. This epic fantasy thriller is what a world war between people and smart raptors may look like. Twice as tall and several times as heavy as man, 15 million raptors invading the Americas from Asia orphan a precocious boy who devotes himself to the extermination of these man-eaters. He needs friends to take the fight to the enemy. But his obsession with avenging his parents blinds him to his closest friend while traitors within his own family ally with raptors to replace him at the top of the food chain. It’ll take all his wit to save his loved ones from the raptor army marching to eat him.