Author: Uniquely Lashay

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Keyshia Scott is a country girl at heart. She moved from a small town called Bainbridge, Georgia, to the big city of Jacksonville, Florida to make a better life for herself. She has always been a good girl, but her life takes a turn for the worst after falling in love with a Savage. She has been dating her kids’ father, Gmoni, since moving to Jacksonville. He is street and hood with major anger issues. Keyshia has been Gmoni’s down chick for years but is growing tired of his lifestyle.Keyshia doesn’t have any family in Florida, but she has a best friend that is like her sister, Shay Mosley, who was born and raised in Jacksonville. Shay is down to earth with a touch of hood and class. She has a brother by the name of Jamal, who has always been madly in love with Keyshia since the first time he saw her.With Gmoni’s lifestyle causing an uproar in the happy plans Keyshia has for her and her man, and Jamal’s undying love for her, lines are crossed and boundaries are torn in this Dilemma of a Savage Love.