Author: Arthur M. Wyatt

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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As the world descends into chaos, John, Amy, Derek and Jimmy, a ten year old they saved from certain death, struggle to survive in a world gone mad. As time passes they discover not all zombies are created equal. Every day reveals more and more about the un-dead. Some are more dangerous than others. The trick is telling them apart. The group encounter thugs, blood thirsty corpses and demonic forces they don't understand. Join them on a hellish journey as they fight for survival in this inhuman wasteland.... The Demon Dead: Tres Zombies(Book One) is the first of two books in the two part Demon Dead series. The Demon Dead: Troubled Waters(Book Two), is the second and final book in the two part Demon Dead series."A refreshing new twist to the classic zombie story. Historic Charleston South Carolina,the apocalypse, a global pandemic, the supernatural, characters you actually care about and the walking dead like you've never seen before. These aren't your Mama's zombies!" -Robert M Hall, Science Fiction and Horror Aficionado "I really liked this book. There a quite a few zombie apocalypse books out there right now, but this one is my current favorite. I typically archive books from my kindle after I've read them but this one is holding a place of honor in my library." -What a surprise! Be ready for the zombie book with the best characters in a long time. I enjoyed this book of non stop excitement and endearing characters. Can't wait to read more from Arthur M Wyatt. -