Author: Derek J. Thomas

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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A loving family man is hundreds of miles from home when a pandemic of unimaginable horrors is unleashed on the world. It happens in an instant. Governments are wiped out and cities fall into chaos, every second a struggle to survive. If he ever hopes to see his family alive, he will have to overcome hordes of demented, bands of evil gangs, and things beyond his worst nightmares."Unrelenting Zombie action at it best. of the best in the genre.""High octane world destruction. A man's nightmare path back to his family.""If the world ends like this, I hope I am the first to go. One of the best, most relentless, zombie apocalypse style books I have read."Book 1: The DementedBook 2: The Demented: DesolationBook 3: The Demented: ContagionNovella 1 (Book 1.5): The Demented: Confliction