Author: Tom Briggs

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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Their feud has lasted decades. When one side gains control of an overpowered fleet, can the underdogs survive a deadly war in space?

2190. Mark McKensie-Jackson is tired of self-sacrifice. So when his mother announces he’s about to be jobless and out in the cold, the Security Minister focuses on wrapping up loose ends and looking for work back on Earth. But he’s dragged again into the razor-edged politics of Jupiter’s moons when his convoy comes under attack, leaving one crewman an unblinking corpse.

Reaching his destination only to learn his home-moon has been blockaded by an old enemy, Mark crafts a bold plan to run the suicidal gauntlet. But when his bitter adversary unexpectedly offers the status he craves, the brilliant strategist is caught in an impossible dilemma of torn loyalties…

Will his fast-moving mind be enough to subvert an all-consuming disaster?

The Defense of Europa is the explosive second book in the futuristic Jovian Wars science fiction series. If you like flawed characters, desperate gambles, and cutting-edge technology, then you’ll love Tom Briggs’ interstellar tactics.