Author: Elana Johnson

Category: Romance Books

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A Coast Guard captain would rather spend his time on the sea...unless he's with the woman he's been crushing on for months. If Dave asks just one more time, will Brooklynn give their second chance at romance another shot?

David Reddington has spent years in the Coast Guard, and his career brings him a lot of joy. But he’s lonely even surrounded by his crew, and he feels like he’s perpetually looking out to the ocean, hoping and wishing he could be as fulfilled on land as he is at sea.

Brooklynn Parrish lost her husband three years ago to an accident on the ocean, and she can’t bring herself to accept Dave’s invitations to dinner. Or lunch. Or even coffee. How he can go out on his ship each day baffles her, and she’s not willing to lose another loved one to the relentless ocean waves.

But Dave only has eyes for her, and when they get put together to organize Hawthorne Harbor’s Spring Fling, Brooklynn can’t deny the attraction between them. As they go through the bachelor auction, tour the blooming apple orchards, and judge the dessert bake-off, their relationship deepens and strengthens. Will she be strong enough to battle the unyielding ocean? Or will she lose her heart to another man destined for a catastrophe at sea?