The Daddy School by Judith Arnold

Author: Judith Arnold

Category: Romance Books

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Father knows best? Not always. Some men need a little guidance in becoming good fathers. That’s why best friends Alison Winslow and Molly Saunders have created the Daddy School. The first three books in the Daddy School series tell the story of the school’s founding and the romantic adventures of Alison, Molly, and Molly’s sister Gail, who learn as much as they teach about children, parenthood, and love.

In Father Found, humor columnist and confirmed bachelor Jamie McCoy discovers an infant girl in a baby carrier on his back porch, along with a note informing him he’s the father. Desperate for advice, he calls the local hospital, where neonatal nurse Alison takes him under his wing. He also contacts the police department, where detective John Russo helps him to track down the baby’s mother.

John Russo, the hero of Father Christmas, is the single father of an anxious toddler whose nanny is suddenly called away. John enrolls his son in preschool director Molly’s school, and she realizes that the father needs as much love and support as his child does.

Father of Two introduces attorney Dennis Murphy, the divorced father of smart, obstreperous eight-year-old twins whose babysitter is involved in questionable legal activity that John Russo is investigating. Attorney Gail Saunders, Molly’s sister, represents the instigator of the crime. Unlike her sister, she doesn’t like children. But Dennis’s twins—and Dennis—see her as not just a legal adversary but the woman they need to make their family complete.