The Curse of Loch Ness by Peter Tremayne

Author: Peter Tremayne

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Through the gaps in the swirling mist she could make out, perhaps two hundred feet below, something which looked like a rag doll, arms and legs askew at strange angles.

London-raised Jeannie Millbuie has received news that she has unexpected inherited a Scottish castle after the death of her previously unknown relative.

As the only heir of Donald Millbuie, Jeannie travels up to Scotland to take a look at Balmacaan Castle to determine its future.

The castle, which stood on the banks of Loch Ness, along with its odd housekeeper, Mrs. Murdo, and tales of the oddly reclusive previous owner, is a bit in bad shape, but Jeannie is determined to not make a rash decision about its future.

The weird wailing that echoed through the castle and the general eerie atmosphere led to Jeannie asking questions which Mrs. Murdo brushes off, but after exploration of her relatives old quarters reveals a journal, she learns of a horrible truth the Balmacaan Castle and lake is hiding.

Millbuie and the being hiding in Loch Ness have tied fates - and the terrifying and hideous truth will threaten safety and sanity in a race to the end.

The Curse of Loch Ness is a menacing story of the marriage of man, myth and magic in a nightmare world of compulsive horror and evil.

Praise for Peter Tremayne:

‘… excellent ... Tremayne does his usual masterful job’ – Publishers Weekly

‘A classic puzzle.’ – Kirkus Reviews

‘cleverly plotted and beautifully written…’ –

‘the characters are most memorable. A very enjoyable read’ – Historical Novel Society

'Splendidly exciting' – Fred Nolan, author of Brass Target

Peter Tremayne is the fiction writing pseudonym of the Celtic scholar and author Peter Berresford Ellis. Peter Berresford Ellis is a historian, literary biographer and novelist who has published over 90 books to date under his own name and that of his pseudonyms Peter Tremayne and Peter MacAlan. He has also published 95 short stories. His non-fiction books, articles and academic papers have made him acknowledged as one of the foremost authorities on Celtic history and culture. His other works with Venture Press include Island of Shadows, Nicor!, and Raven of Destiny.