Author: Charles Veley

Category: Mystery

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Can Sherlock and Lucy outwit a seacoast spy, or will they be swept away by the undercurrents of espionage?Cornwall, 1901: Lucy and Jack, in the guise of a tranquil honeymoon, track a spy who threatens England's vital global telegraph lines. Enter Holmes and Watson, with young Irregulars Becky and Flynn in tow, diving into a whirlpool of sunken treasure and spectral sirens.As cryptic messages, hidden loot, and the song of a Cornwall siren entwine, the serene coast becomes a stormy battleground. The stakes? Nothing less than the Empire's safety during wartime. "The Cornwall Mermaid" is a symphony of past and present, where classic mystery meets the adrenaline of a thriller.READERS ACCLAIM:"Historical detective fiction at its best. I kept wanting to drop everything else and read the book.""As always, the book delivers an exciting plot line, likable characters, a happy ending, and a history lesson. Already looking forward to the next one."This series weaves together the allure of traditional sleuthing with modern narrative twists, appealing to a wide spectrum of mystery and thriller enthusiasts with its charming, atmospheric settings, quirky characters, and clever, fast-paced, page-turning plots. If you're enchanted by the elegance of Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie, and crave the thrill of a Lee Child adventure, "The Cornwall Mermaid" is your next port of call. It's vintage charm with the pulse of a modern-day mystery.Dive into "The Cornwall Mermaid" and navigate the treacherous yet mesmerizing waters of espionage with Lucy, Jack, and the legendary Sherlock Holmes. Scroll up and One-click now!

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