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Would you like to make delicious ice creams, shakes, sorbets and smoothies at home quickly and easily?

Once making a good homemade ice cream required expensive machinery and lots of practice, but today, thanks to Ninja CREAMi, the taste of real homemade ice cream is within everyone's reach!

So that you can also make the best creamy and flavorful ice cream, bringing happiness to family and friends spoonful after spoonful, I created “Ninja CREAMi Cookbook”!

Here is what you will find inside:

The 7 techniques for creating delicious frozen treats that will amaze your guests;The 5 essential functions of your Ninja CREAMi machine to get the best results every time;Simple and easy steps to make healthy and refreshing sorbets that will satisfy your sweet tooth without guilt;9 tricks for adding mix-ins to your ice cream to create unique and surprising flavors;An expert ice cream maker's 3 secret ingredients to make the creamiest, most mouthwatering ice cream you've ever tasted;8 different types of smoothies and shakes you can make with your Ninja CREAMi, from classic shakes to exotic fruit smoothies;3 techniques for making more than just desserts, from frozen cocktails to refreshing slushies perfect for summer;AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Awaiting you in the book are 2000 days of recipes to vary your choice of desserts every day!

So, click "Buy Now" to get the Ninja CREAMi Cookbook now and get ready to enjoy creamy homemade ice cream!