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Whatever may be your reason for venturing into aromatherapy, it all boils down to altering traditional understandings of healthy living to alter your way of life and well-being for the better, forever!Aromatic essential oils possess potent natural healing powers. Yet, even natural remedies may inflict harm if not used appropriately. Having a grasp on how to engage with aromatherapy through using natural essential oils is one ideal way to soothe naturally your mind, body, spirit...and comfort zones!THE COMPLETE AROMATHERAPY GUIDEBOOK presents the ideal choice for what truly defines living a happy, natural, healthy, and homeopathic way of life.This informative guidebook strategically divides its scope and intent into two extensive volumes to facilitate your learning curve. Within these pages, you will find a wealth of information about 100 recommended aromatherapy oils, including 101 techniques for using them with care and confidence.The first volume instills in you a solid foundation and comprehensive knowledge on practicing the science and art of aromatherapy. The second volume unveils the breadths and depths of the myriad applications in the holistic healing spectrum of aromatherapy.THE COMPLETE AROMATHERAPY GUIDEBOOK becomes your ultimate aromatherapy reference and realization of your intents. As a quick preview, you will discover, learn, and practice...Essentials of Essential OilsProduction ProcessesBlending Basics & Concoction CalisthenicsDilution Do’s & Don’tsProcurement Practices & Purchasing ParametersStorage & SafeguardingSafety StandardsComprehensive ChartsEssential Equipment & Tools of the TradeA to Z List of 100 Profiles of Aromatherapy AromasA to Z List of Attars for Ailments and Glossary GuideAdvised Approaches & Appropriate AdministrationsRecommended Recipes for Wellness & Welfare, Aesthetic Applications, Home & HearthBonuses & Benefits...and many, many moreThis is the only comprehensive guidebook that shares all  you ever wanted to know about aromatherapy — from starting with proper engagement, to sticking systematically to the program, and up to responsibly using and diffusing your own essential goodness just as your essential botanical soulmates do in constant heal and help others!